Thursday, January 04, 2007

The heavens opened

January 5th. Today Sean was assisting with the reno again. It wasn't dry enough to put on the second layer of texture coating so the boys decided to start on the laundry/art area which is adjoined to a garage; an outbuilding. Travis and I did another trip to Mitre 10 to buy a Drill Hammer Kit to make life a bit easier. Travis had his second driving lesson. John popped in and made and offer to take away the weatherboards we had piled in the driveway. He is coming back for more on Monday. His son can apparently use the boards in his rennovation. In exchange he is bringing us a load of firewood. It sounded like a good exchange to me since I am the one cutting all the old wood up and it really doesn't burn that well anyway. The pile was getting higher and higher! Anyway when Alan and Sean were half way through putting up some blue zincalume down came the rain so they moved into the kitchen/dining area to rip up the lino as we are going to hopefully sand back the existing floorboards and polish them up to match what is already in the living room. This was underlaid with a lot of small pieces of burnieboard which was nailed to the flooring with copious amounts of nails, not making it an easy task. They have managed to remove half of it. Pud, our cat, was not very impressed with the changes when she came out looking for a meal.


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