Saturday, December 09, 2006

One hot Sunday afternoon

Well, another Sunday over and a little more progress on the renno. This weekend it was mainly Alan and I working on it with a bit of help from Travis after he finished his work at the supermarket. Max has torn a ligament and is unable to work. Fred, out next door neighbour, who is also a plumber, helped out with the new tap fitting so we could get a final piece of miniorb on in the fenery area. Fred and Alan built the black fence together. The steel stairs which will allow easy access from the dining area to the fenery are yet to eventuate. We are still looking for someone who can build them as in our design. Alan has actually found someone who supplies the diamond plating but it is proving a challenge to find someone who can fabricate them out of the sheeting. Today we finished off the corrugated blue panel and a neighbouring miniorb area and then did all the poprivetting from all previous sections of iron. Alan worked his butt off and it was a sweltering afternoon. Tavis and I have tried to plant some new grass seeds in the driest areas; let's seee if they grow. The floodlight which will light up the fenery area when we have barbecues is also in position. Can you see it?


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