Saturday, November 25, 2006

Higgledy-piggledy woodpile

Hi Dad and Mum...remember how I used to cut the firewood with the axe...well today I used the electric bandsaw and here is my higgledy-piggledy woodpile, which used to be part of our house. This is the third woodpile I have made this year and as you can see I would never win Tassies tidiest woodpile competition. Fancy burning your own house. While Max started work on cutting off the eaves getting ready to put a new black roof on I spent five hours collecting and clearing the wood clutter as is came down...wouldn't be so bad except for the million, squillion nails that have to be banged in and avoided when sawing. So far, fingers crossed I haven't hit not one! When he was pulling one section down Max found himself almost completely covered in a seething mass of angry ants annoyed at having their home disturbed. He laughed it off and didn't even swear much to my surprise...all he said was that he would probably find ants in his pants when he finally gets to take a shower. Taking the eaves off an old house must be one of the worst jobs in the world!


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