Saturday, March 10, 2007

Please, please be kind

Saturday 10th: Alan and I gave the last wall its second coat of render. Meanwhile the lately-arrived Max removed most of the old tin off the roof. Then it was time to take out all the rotten and partially rotten purlins out of the roof. I stacked up the iron and cut up the rest of the purlins for winter firewood. Alan and Max then put on two large tarpaulins and achored them down.

Sunday 11th: Alan painted the newly rendered wall red with two coats but it looks like it will need at least another two. The red and the yellow have proven quite difficult colours to work with whereas the blue and the green were a dream. Now it is blowing and gale and the tarps are hanging on for dear life. We just haven't had that much luck with the weather. Well, I guess it is Tasmania after all. Alan and I then made atrip to the tip in another attempt to clear up the yard. The rooferes will be coming on Tuesday, hopefully the traps will do their job until then.


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